Skipping Church

I was greatly encouraged by Jimmy Rider's attendance at church this past Sunday, just a few days after brain surgery.  I sense this joy every time those with a chronic illness attend.  I quite often ask myself, "What would it take to keep me from going to church?"  I ask this because I kind of have to go each Sunday and because i can hardly even remember the last time I missed due to sickness.

I think this is a good article on how skipping church affects our desire to have a 500-year church. Kids will grow up to make their own choices. It would be silly and foolish to present this as a fail safe guarantee that our children will perpetuate the faith of us as parents.  But good parenting includes setting the right example and giving your children every reason to make good choices themselves one day.  The worst thing we can do is to live our lives in a way that gives them excuses to make excuses.  

I hope you find this article to be both convicting and encouraging.