Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Be a Spiritual Foodie

1 Peter 2:1-3


1.     Read the passage.  How would you state the theme of this short passage?  What key words would you look at to help you understand what Peter is driving at?

2.     Go back and read from 1:13 through 2:3 now.  How does 2:1-3 continue the main points that Peter is making in 1:13-25?

3.     Do you agree with this statement: “If people placed as much importance on their spiritual food as they do on their physical food, they’d be much healthier spiritually”?

4.     What are we to “put away” in v.1?  What does that mean and what do those things have in common with each other?

5.     An assumption is made in this passage that qualifies Peter’s command to long for things that are spiritually pure. What is that assumption and what does it mean?

6.     What does “pure spiritual milk” refer to in this passage? Does it refer to the Bible as a whole or to a part of the Bible in particular?  Is there anything in the surrounding context that helps you answer this question?

7.     In what ways does the illustration of a hungry baby help illuminate Peter’s emphasis on how much we should desire true spiritual food?

8.    Bonus question: What are the three key questions that you should ask any text when you read and study the Bible?