On the Lam

I grew up thinking O.J. Simpson was pretty special.  I don’t think that anymore.  Having been both acquitted and convicted of the same heinous crime, I have no idea what burdens he carries on the inside.


I long ago lost interest in his life, but it was hard to avoid the hoopla yesterday regarding his parole being granted from his prison sentence for yet another crime.  As much as I didn’t want to, in watching the day’s news, I saw video of some of his testimony before the parole board.  I was stunned to say the least.  “I’ve done my time… I’ve led a mostly conflict-free life.”


Either he’s a mad man or his conscience is completely seared or I’m completely wrong about him and he really is innocent of committing ISIS-like atrocities.  If I AM wrong about him, I humbly apologize.  But I don’t think I am.  And I couldn’t help but think about Proverbs 28:17 (ESV):


If one is burdened with the blood of another, he will be a fugitive until death; let no one help him.


He may be on parole in our legal system, but without some serious repentance, he’s on the run from divine justice, a fugitive for now, but one that will eventually stand before the Judge of all the earth and give an account for whatever unconfessed burdens lurk in the recesses of his conscience.


I hope and pray the man comes clean before God in repentance and faith.  I truly do.  But until then, I hope nobody helps him. I hope nobody takes a selfie with him or flaunts his ill-deserved celebrity status.  Maybe his conscience will compel him to lay his burdens down at the cross where Somebody can really help him, Somebody who shed His blood so that O.J. would no longer be a fugitive for shedding another's.