Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Built On or Stumble Over?

1 Peter 2:4-11


1.     Why do Christians need to keep on coming to Jesus (v.4 “as you come to him”) after conversion? 

a.     How do somebody practically come to Jesus? What are your personal devotional habits that enrich your life of faith?

b.     What are the spiritual sacrifices that believers offer to him?  How are spiritual sacrifices similar and different to the sacrifices of the Old Testament priesthood?

c.      Why does v.5 say “through Jesus Christ.”  What difference does he make in our spiritual sacrifices?

2.     What do you think about Peter’s handle on the Old Testament? How do you think he came to see that Jesus was the “stone” and “rock” referred to in Isaiah 28:16, Psalm 118:22, and Isaiah 8:14-15?

a.     Take some time as read through Isaiah 8:1-15 and ask the text the following questions:

                                      i.     What is it teaching about God?

                                     ii.     What is it teaching about man?

                                   iii.     What is it teaching about God’s gracious solution to man’s need, i.e., Christ?

b.     Make a list of the different things that you learn about the answers to those three questions as you work your way through the passage.

c.      When you are done, go through and ask yourself a final question: “Now, what should I do?”  Does the text tell you something in particular that you should do now in obedience to Christ?  Or does your conscience tell you something in particular that should not be a part of your life or something that you should continue pursuing out of obedient love to Christ?

d.     Put it in terms of Repent/Refocus/Replace. 

3.     Your privileges and responsibilities as a believer are to be an active, faithful, living participant in this building that God is building on Christ, the chosen, precious cornerstone.  What difference does it make to you that you are:

a.     God’s temple?  How can our local church family do a better job of functioning like God’s temple without resorting to Old Testament ceremonies?

b.     God’s possession?  How should affect your self-image or your confidence before others?

c.      God’s advertisement?  How can you/we better proclaim the excellencies of Christ who has done so much for us?