Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Honorable Exiles

1 Peter 2:11-12


1.     How do you understand the term “flesh” in 1 Peter 2:11? 

2.     What are the particular passions of your flesh (see Galatians 5:19-21 for some examples) that help you to understand that you are your own worst enemy?

3.     How do they war against your soul? 

a.     When they win the war, how does your soul feel?  How do you look for strength to keep fighting in the midst of discouragement?

b.     When your soul withstands the assaults of fleshly passions by God’s grace, how does your soul feel?  How do you maintain humility in the midst of success?

c.      What are the benefits of continued victory over fleshly passions?

d.     What are some important lessons to teach your children as they deal with their own fleshly passions?

4.     All of us have strengths and weaknesses, and they are different from each other.

a.     Why is it tempting to engage in this war against the flesh by trusting your flesh? 

b.     Why is it sometimes difficult to be patient with other people’s struggles against the passions of their flesh?

c.      How can your small group in particular help each other keep in step with the Spirit in your respective battles against fleshly passions?

5.     Why is it so important to wage battle against your fleshly passions in front of unbelievers?

a.     Why is it difficult to publicly identify as a Christian and invite the scrutiny of unbelievers?

b.     What are the dangers of doing this?

c.      What are the potential benefits?

6.     What role does Christ play in your victory over your fleshly passions?

a.     How does his work on the cross help you?

b.     How does his work on the throne help you?