I Pray... God Answers


It’s simple, I know Maybe simplistic to some. A bit naïve.  I realize that.  But it’s a major premise of my worldview.  I pray for something, and God answers my prayer.


There's more to it, of course.  He doesn’t always give me the answer I want.  Sometimes there are stretches of time when I get a resounding “NO” over and over again.  But he answered me. At that point, it’s my turn to decide whether or not I’ll be content with his superior wisdom and his unfathomable love. 


I asked you to pray several weeks ago that God would provide somebody to help lead the hymns during the first part of our Sunday morning worship.  I prayed. I assume that you prayed too.  And guess what? God answered.


Last week we welcomed a number of new people into our fellowship as members.  All of them are an answer to prayer. One of them is an answer in particular to the prayer for help with the music. Landry Homsher graduated from Bible College with a degree in church music.  Voila!  Step 1!  Step 2 happened when his wife, Trena, elbowed him in the side when I mentioned that request from the pulpit.  Yes! A faithful wife, who can find?!  Step 3 took place when Landry mentioned to me that he would be able and willing to serve in that capacity.  Wham!  At the point, it’s quite obvious to me that God is in this.  Last week, they became members.  Step four. Check!  Tomorrow morning, the prayer will be fully answered as Landry steps into the pulpit and leads our church family in the classic hymn, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee!  And I will be sitting there playing my trumpet and smiling at the same time, very thankful.


I prayed. We prayed. God answered.  Quite simple.