Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Scripture Memory and the Young Mind

Psalm 119:11


1.     We want out young people to have a true relationship with God throughout their lives. Scripture memory is a great tool in the toolbox of Christian growth that will help our young people honestly walk with the living God.

a.     Why is sin so devastating? 

b.     What proof has God given about his utter hatred of sin?

c.      Why is it so important for God’s Word to be stored up in the “heart”? 

2.     How can Scripture memory help a young person make good choices even before their physical brains are fully developed acc. to Psa.119:9?

3.     Based on Prov.1:1-7 (esp. v.4), do you see any particular value in getting young people to memorize Proverbs?

4.     What reasons can you see in Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:13 for young people to memorize Scripture? 

5.     Lamentations 3: 27 says it is important for young people to bear significant responsibility in order that they might learn the key quality of patience. 

a.     In what ways have you needed to exercise patience as an adult?

b.     How can you use your story to encourage young people to be patient?

6.     We all long to pass a true faith in the living God down to our children and grand children.

a.     What indications do we have in 2 Timothy 1:5-13 as well as 3:14-17 that Timothy was encouraged by his mother and grandmother to store God’s words up in his heart?

b.     What was the main point of the Scriptures that Timothy was taught?

c.      In what ways do those Scriptures further help somebody acc. to 3:17?

7.     Adults must set the example for our children in this discipline?

a.     What is your present Scripture memory plan?

b.     What efforts have you put into scripture memory in your past?

c.      How has memorized Scripture served you well throughout your life?