Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Real Marriage – Part 2

1 Peter 3:7


1.     Practically speaking, what are the differences between you and your wife that make real marriage a challenge for you?

2.     What other really good, Biblical desires or “idols” compete for God’s glory in the heart of a husband who wants a real marriage?

3.     What are the natural enemies a husband may face?

4.     What are the cultural enemies a husband may face?

5.     How can a Christian husband navigate the sometimes competing desires to provide both a comfortable living AND a Christlike atmosphere for his family? 

a.     How might working hard to understand your wife help?

b.     How might working hard to understand theology help?

6.     What implications are there for a husband’s treatment of his wife in the fact that she is a “weaker” vessel?

7.     At first glance, it may seem like protecting yourself from having your prayers hindered isn’t all that powerful a motivation for a husband to love his wife honorably.  How should we understand this motivation?