Before Time and Space

2 Timothy 1:9 (ESV) – who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began,


It is important to remember that God created the universe, the time-space continuum, for a particular purpose.  What is that purpose?


Actually, there are many answers to that question, or we could say that there are many aspects to the answer to that question. God’s purposes are great and vast. But this verse helps shed some light on the issue to help us see just how blessed we as believers are.


First, he “saved us” and “called us to a holy calling” within time and space. At a certain point in time, and at a certain place in time, God saved me and called me to something very special.  There was a moment in time when I was not saved, then there was a moment in time that I got saved. And now in the remaining moments of my time, I am saved.  The same is true of my calling as well.  He called, I heard, and now he’s in the process of conforming me to the holiness to which he’s called me.  All in time and space.


Please notice that Paul makes a point to explain what DIDN’T motivate God to save me and call me to holiness.  It wasn’t because of my works.  This was something that I could have never earned or deserved.  Those who know me well, know very well that is the case. Any holiness that I have is a holiness that is given to me by God.  I don’t have anything good as a result of my own works.  This keeps me humble.


And it is also important to see that Paul explains what DID motivate God to do this.  His own purpose and his own grace.  These things come from inside God Himself. Nothing external to God is the chief motivator for God’s decision to save me and then to act of that decision.  It was his “own” purpose and grace.  He could have excluded me from this, but he didn’t.  I don’t deserve an ounce of his kindness, but I get it.  This keeps me thankful.


But, there is something else in this passage that excites me.  Before there even was an “us,” he gave us his grace.  In fact, before there was time and space, he gave us his grace.  And he gave it to us in Christ Jesus who exists independently of time and space. This means that before time and space, God the Father and God the Son had an agreement that God the Father would give his grace to some people in Christ, the anointed one, God in human flesh, people whom he would then save in time and space through Christ. 


So before they created time and space, our Trinitarian God purposed together among themselves that within the time-space continuum the Father would save and call a people who would be the beneficiaries of his grace in Christ the Son who would enter time and space and make a way for these people to receive this grace.  This partly answers the question concerning the purpose of why God would create time and space. 


This keeps me humble. It keeps me thankful. And it gives me a reason to keep on going.  I can get out of bed, tackle the tasks for the day, and know that God has a purpose in all of this. Right now. Right here. It’s all the outworking of his eternal plan, agreed upon by God the Father and God the Son.



So evidently, before time and space, God was busy at work coming up with a plan to execute his purposes. And as believers, I trust you are both humble and thankful that he included you in this great plan to show his grace. And I hope that motivates you to get up and get going tomorrow morning as well.