Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Real Marriage – Part 1

1 Peter 3:1-6


1.     What difference does it make that these verses are addressed to “wives” and not “women”?

2.     What was unique or different about 1st Century living (marriage, gender roles, etc.) that would impact the way a wife would read this passage back then?

3.     Do you agree that gender either matters as God intended for it to matter or that any given culture that disregards God’s design with genders will eventually end up saying that gender doesn’t really mean anything?

4.     Does it help a Christian wife to know that the exhortation of this passage doesn’t come naturally and that the world and the devil are opposed to you reflecting the truth of this passage in her life?

5.     What clues in this passage indicate that the glory of God should be the ultimate motivator for a Christian wife to be what God has called her to be?

6.     What words in this passage help direct a Christian wife to know how best to respond to her husband? 

a.     What does respect mean?

b.     What does it NOT mean?

c.      Why is it so important for a Christian wife to treat her husband respectfully?

d.     Why does being a good Christian mother depend in many ways on being a good Christian wife?

7.     What practical steps can a Christian wife take to make sure that she is primarily focused on developing her inner beauty?

a.     What is the value of developing inner beauty?

b.     What are the reasons given for developing inner beauty?

c.      How is Abraham’s wife Sarah a good example of this?

8.     Do you know somebody who has developed an eating disorder because of a misplaced emphasis on external adorning?  Can you encourage that person to come to the church for biblical accountability and encouragement?

9.     Does it make a difference to you to know that Christ died in order that you might thrive spiritually in your present marriage?