The Voice That Needs to be Heard

Our psalm for prayer this week, Psalm 29, talks about the general voice of God that speaks to us through his creation. It is dynamic and powerful (v.4).  It thunders in the crashing waves (v.3) and gently calls a doe to give birth to a fawn (v.9). It breaks huge trees (v.5) and causes little hinds feet to skip (v.6).  It is awesome.


It not only affects creation out there, so to speak. It affects his people.  It gives strength and peace (v.11).


How has God’s gentle voice of power in time and space affected you?  Has it lifted your spirits when they were down?  Has the quiet “fee-bee-bee” of the black-capped chickadee ever brought warmth to your downtrodden soul?  Has the gentle evening breeze at the end of a scorching summer day ever refreshed your heart?  Have you ever felt the power of God pound your chest in the sudden, unsuspected clap of a thunderstorm?  God has things to say, and he says them to us regularly in the general revelation of creation.


Now, to take a little turn toward application, how about your voice? Does it reflect the wonder that God’s voice inspires?  Does it apply a healing balm like God’s voice?  Obviously, I am talking about reflecting God by his grace, not duplicating God in your own strength. 


How about in your marriage? Is your voice harsh? Demanding?  Hurtful? Or is it silent, cooped up, embittered?  Are you communicating poorly or hardly communicating at all?  If you are having trouble communicating, here are some questions to force the issue.


1.     What are some things we know God wants us to do that we aren’t doing at this time in our marriage?

2.     How has our sense of purpose changed since we’ve been married? Has it changed for the better or the worse?

3.     Do we agree on what God has called us to do?

4.     What goals do you or do we have for the next 5 years? 10 years?  Can we agree on these goals?

5.     Would it be profitable to have these same discussions on a monthly basis?


Let’s see if the two of you can talk about these things constructively, intentionally, lovingly, truthfully.   You have to use your voice to do it.  Ask God to help you use your voice like he does and give glory to him in doing so!  Jesus waits, arms outstretched, to help you, to teach you to communicate with your voice so that you might habitually speak the truth in love (Eph.4:15).