Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

What We Should Pray for Corporately

Acts 4:23-31


1.     Review from Matt.18: 19-20.

a.     What are the qualifications for “anything” from this context?

b.     In what ways is Jesus “among” us when we are gathered in corporate worship that he isn’t when we are scattered on mission?

2.     How do the disciples address God in v.24?  Why is it so important to see everything, especially when we pray, through the lens of God’s sovereignty?

3.     What attempts do you make in your own mind to “reconcile” God’s sovereignty and human responsibility?

4.     How does this passage show God’s sovereignty within time and space?  What is the theological term that we typically use to describe this display of God’s sovereignty?

5.     How does this passage show that God exercises his sovereignty through the Scriptures?

a.     What are some concrete applications that we can make in our lives based on this?

b.     How about application especially in our prayer lives?

6.     What is remarkable about what the disciples prayed for in v.29?

7.     Why does God typically work in us before he works through us? How should this affect our prayer lives?