Procedure for Cancelling Church Due to the Weather

Have you seen the forecast for Sunday?  It’s calling for snow.  The accumulation from Saturday night into Sunday morning could be anywhere from 4-8 inches.  I’m sure that forecast will change over the next couple of days. Further, this is Colorado.  So any storm presents the possibility of either nothing, inches, feet, or avalanche!


What is our church’s plan to alert you in case we decide to cancel services?  We thought you’d like to know ahead of time, so here’s the deal.


We will let you know if we’ve cancelled or altered service to a late start (i.e., No Sunday School) by 7AM on Sunday morning.  So first of all, no news is good news. If you hear nothing from us by 7AM, then we will plan on having services as usual.  If we do decide to cancel, we will use the following means to communicate:


1.     An email blast

2.     A post on the NRBC Facebook page

3.     A banner on the front page of the church website.


So, this means it is our responsibility to communicate via those venues. It also means that it is your responsibility to either check your email, Facebook, or the NRBC website.  Fair enough?


In some respects, I hope this storm will be something of a “nothing burger.”  From another perspective, we could really use the moisture.  Last I heard, the snow pack in the mountains was about 22% of normal for this time of year. That’s not good.


So, pray however you want.  For my part, I’ll be praying that we will both gets tons of snow and that we will be able to gather together for corporate worship to get from God what only he can give while we give to God what only he rightly deserves.  I’ll leave it to God to decide how he wants to answer that prayer since… well… he’s going to do it his way anyway! And that will, in every way, be the best way!


Soli Deo Gloria!