Hope in the Midst of Gender Dysphoria

The thought of somebody taking their own life is a very difficult one for me to entertain.  People I've known and loved have committed suicide.  I hear stories about others making that choice.  It honestly sickens me.  I wince. It hurts.

The darkness of soul that precedes this choice must be horrific, much worse than anything I've experienced. There have been times, in my own dark hours, when I could've wished that I were dead.  But the thought of actually taking my life has never even occurred to me. My heart sincerely goes out to those who have entertained those thoughts.

Here is a short but helpful article on the transgender debate, written from a sociological and medical point of view with a link to a book that goes into the subject in further detail. For those who are confused about their gender and are facing the darkness that comes from that confusion, my prayer is that they would cry out to God, look hard at the cross, sense the horror of sin, feel the love of God, embrace Christ, glory in the way God has made them, then hang on for dear life.  Usually the darkness passes. Sometimes immediately. More often slowly.  But it often passes. Identity is clarified, hope is gained, and Jesus is glorified.

May God truly help those who are hurting in this way!

For Jesus's sake,