Have a Great Weekend!

I trust you will enjoy this weekend after a long week of work.  I pray that you’ve found some sense of fulfillment in serving your fellow man, working in the vocation God has given you, being productive for the good of mankind, and increasing your personal prospects on this earth. This is not all that I’ve prayed for, and it’s not even the best that I’ve prayed for.  Greater than this, I’ve prayed from Psalm 19 that you would hear God’s unending voice of common grace to you in the natural world, from the heavens above to the frosty mountain tops to the crashing waves to the blackness of Marianna’s Trench.   Further, I’ve prayed that your time in the written word of God has perfected your soul through a clearer knowledge of Christ and given just a little more wisdom to your simple heart.  I know it has to mine.


I hope that you will come to worship expecting God to do something great in you on Sunday.  And if for some reason you are discouraged and downhearted because of disappointment or temporal failure, I want you to know that Jesus ever lives to intercede for you that you might know the joy of your lord and your strength. 


Arise, my soul, arise. Shake off thy guilty fears.

The bleeding sacrifice in my behalf appears; 

Before the throne thy surety stands;

My name is written on his hands.   


Never forget!