Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Why We Should Pray Corporately

Matthew 18:19-20


1.     When you think of God doing great things for his people in corporate worship, what things initially come to mind?

2.     What does “agree” mean?  What can we be doing to make sure that we “agree” with each other as much as possible as a church family?

3.     God tells us to ask “anything.”  What clues in the surrounding context helps to answer the question of what “anything” means or doesn’t mean?

4.     Why is it so important that we listen to God? To each other?  What are some biblical examples of human failing to listen to God and each other? What are some positive examples?

5.     If Jesus is everywhere, why is it important that he is “among” us as v.20 says?  In what ways is he “among” us in corporate worship that he isn’t when we aren’t gathered together?