Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

1. Define “repentance” as the Scriptures consistently use the word.  

a. What passages of Scripture do you use to support your definition?

b. What three key issues do people need to repent about?

2. Read Jonah 3 and substitute the word “repent” for each time the word “turn” or “relent” occurs.  

3. What is the difference between God repenting and people repenting?

4. What is the difference between repentance and faith (v. 5 “believed”)?

5. What role do the warnings of Scripyure play when people are encouraged to repent?

6. Who is the hardest hearted person you know? How possible is it that they might repent and turn to Christ in faith? How does the story of the Ninevites in ch. 3 give you hope that they might repent?

7. How can our church best help Aly Seader (and others!) prepare to go to distant places as she fulfills God’s leading in her life to call people to repentance cross-culturally?