Reaching Our Community

Once in a blue moon I like to show you this map. It shows the present distribution of our members and regular attenders in conjunction with VRA and the church property.  See here.  If your info isn’t correct, please let Jared know.


Please take a moment to look at it and pray over it. And as you do so, ask yourself a few questions:

·     What community am I as an individual burdened to reach?

·     What community are we as a church family burdened to reach?

·     What should we I/we be doing that I/we aren’t doing to reach our community?

·     What resources do I/we need in order to do a better job of reaching out to my/our community?


An additional thought to consider as you ponder this map of your brothers and sisters in Christ at NRBC.

·     You/we will probably never reach a particular community until and unless you/we sense a real responsibility for that community.