Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

The Need for Systematic Theology – part 3


1.    How much pressure do you feel when you consider that sound doctrine is supposed to make a practical difference in your life?

a.    Should you feel pressure according to 1 Timothy 4:13 and 4:16?

b.    If not pressure, what impact should these verses have on our lives as individual believers?

c.    How could 1 Timothy 6:1 impact your work ethic?  Give a particular way in which the Gospel should change the way you conduct yourself in the workplace.  At home as a parent.

2.    In what ways does 2 Timothy 3:16-17 teach us that the Word of God is essential and sufficient for you to do everything you need to do to honor God?

a.    In what ways is the Bible not “sufficient”?

b.    How do v.14-15 help soften the more rigid implications of v.16-17?

3.    In what ways can creeds be misused? In what ways can creeds prevent abuse?

4.    What does “able to teach” in 1 Timothy 3:1ff mean?  In what ways is a man “appointed” to the office of Elder in the church (1 Tim.2:7 and 2 Tim. 1:11)?

5.    How do creeds/systematic theology/doctrine/confessions limit the authority of the Elders in any given church?

6.    How do creeds/systematic theology/doctrine/confessions define the responsibilities of the church family to its Elders?

a.    See 1 Tim.1:3

b.    See 1 Tim.5:17