Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Formative Worship

Psalm 135:18


1.    What is your experience of Psalm 135:18?  

a.    How does Romans 12:1-2 help clarify your answer?

b.    Do you agree that life is like being on an escalator that is going down? What happens if you stand still?

2.    Why are human beings inherent worshippers?

a.    Why would we be inclined to do something as silly as ascribe hearing/seeing/talking capacities to inanimate objects?

b.    How does Romans 1:25 help understand that human inclination?

3.    How is covetous equivalent to idolatry in Ephesians 5:5?

a.    What idols to contemporary people tend to make?

b.    Try to come up with most common idol from each category of human depravity listed in 1 John 2:15ff.

c.    What are people seeking/coveting in each of those idols?

4.    Do you agree that worship both reveals and reinforces what you love?

a.    Why is it that human beings worship what they love and love what they trust?

b.    Have you noticed that you become more and more like the person or thing you worship?

5.    How can you better worship the Lord each Sunday morning with a more profound reverence?

6.    How can you better worship the Lord each Sunday morning with an exhuberant joy?