Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Praying for Preaching

2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5


1.    Sit down and try to figure out how much time you’ve spent listening to preaching throughout your lifetime.  How much time have you given to listening to preaching in days, weeks, months, years?

2.    Why is it important for believer’s to regularly listen to preaching in your opinion?  

a.    Do you tend to think that preaching is over-rated?

b.    Are you comfortable with the idea that your spiritual growth is tied in some way to another person’s preaching ministry?

3.    What is any given person’s biggest problem at any given point in time?  How does preaching begin to solve man’s biggest problem?

4.    Why is it helpful that everything we need to know about God we find in the person and work of Christ?  Why is it so important to listen to preaching that magnified Christ, even if you are already a believer?

5.    Jesus said that we would be better off after he left believers to ascend into heaven in John 16:7? 

a.    Why is this?

b.    What does this have to do with preaching?

6.    How much do you pray for preaching?  

a.    What can you do to more faithfully pray for the preacher each Sunday morning?

b.    What can we as a church family do to more effectively pray for the preacher each Sunday morning?