Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Praying for Preaching

2 Thessalonians 3:1


1.    What did God’s grace provide the Thessalonians through Paul’s preaching in v.16-17?

a.    Read 1&2 Thessalonians: what kind of comfort did the Thessalonians need?

b.    What indicators throughout these two epistles indicate that it was Paul’s preaching that provided them comfort?

2.    What does God’s power look like in the believer’s life?

a.    What do we typically wish God’s power would provide?

b.    What role does the believer play in experiencing God’s power?

3.    Do you agree that every believer should be habitually speaking God’s word, either in formal teaching or through informal modeling? Why? Or why not?

4.    In making the transition from hearing preaching to teaching/speaking God’s Word, Psalm 119 provides some helpful applications. 

a.    Psalm 119:9 – How do you “mark” God’s Word?

b.    Psalm 119:11 – What is your Scripture memory plan?

c.    Psalm 119:15 – Define “meditate.”  What is the goal of meditation?

d.    Psalm 119:17 – We need to master the word.  What does that mean from this passage? What are the dangers of expecting perfection?