Praying in Preparation for Epiphany Sunday

Our Psalm for prayer this week is Psalm 72. It is the traditional Psalm for prayer each year leading up to Epiphany Sunday, the day the church calendar celebrates the wise men’s trip to follow the star and visit Jesus as a very young child.

I would encourage you to pray through this Psalm in preparation for this Sunday, not only because it is Epiphany Sunday, but also because I am preaching from this Psalm during the morning worship service. Here’s a question I would ask you as you read it, pray through it, and meditate on it: how would you preach this passage of Scripture if you were preaching this Sunday.

I would also encourage each of you, once again, to regularly pray through the Psalms during your own personal prayer time. Obviously, I don’t mean to suggest that every time you pray, you should pray a Psalm. And obviously I’m not suggesting that the Psalms are the only Scripture passages that you should pray through. A resounding “NO” to either of those possible assumptions. But, I do know that praying from the Scriptures is an exceedingly helpful way to pray, and I do know that the Psalms were both written as prayers and used as prayers throughout Old Testament history and on into the beginnings of the New Testament church. The Psalter was the prayer book of the early church.

This has been my habit for quite a few years now, and it has been my absolute pleasure to grow in my own prayer life through praying the Psalms. Many others have said this has been true for their own lives in the past, and now it seems that more and more people are beginning to say the same thing this day and age. Please take some time to read this very helpful blog post from Donald Whitney on the subject of praying the Psalms. I trust you will find it as encouraging as I did.