A Pastoral Prayer

What would you think if I prayed something like this from Psalm 32? 


Oh Father, please work in these people’s lives. You must grow them if they are to grow.  You must change them if they are to change.  I realize they each have a part in this.  I realize they each need to learn how to trust you more confidently and obey you more faithfully.  But ultimately, you must do what only you can do.  Please be gentle with all of them, but to whatever degree any of them are failing to confess known sins to you, please help them to groan all day long (v.3). Please help their bones to waste away (v.3).  Please place your hand heavy upon them and dry them up (v.3).  Please do this until they confess their sins to you (v.5) and walk in the obedient faith they promised to you at their baptism and to all of us when they became covenant members at NRBC.  Please love them in whatever way is necessary to make them holy, to make them more like Jesus.  Please do this in my life as well, all that Jesus might be glorified and that we all might each truly experience the joy of the Lord as our strength (v.11).


I may or may not have prayed for our church family like that today.