Intro to Titus

This coming Sunday morning we will begin an expositional series through the New Testament letter from Paul to Titus.  The plan is to go through this little letter for the next couple of months; that means we’ll cover it rather quickly.  Three NT chapters in two months.  That may be a record for NRBC.  


Titus was probably written between 1st and 2nd Timothy. We don’t know for sure, but we are pretty sure that 2nd Timothy was the last book that Paul wrote, shortly before his death.  Regardless, whether we are studying one of the letters to Timothy or this one to Titus, we see in these greetings the basis for all that we believe as New Testament Christians.  It is in that word “apostle.” Here’s the bottom line: if anyone wants to deny the authority of the NT documents, they must prove that the apostles were liars or that the letters we have were forged by imposters.  


Take some time, please, to look at the apostolic greeting in verses 1-4 in preparation for Sunday morning. This greeting is the longest greeting of the pastoral letters of Paul. I think we should take it to heart a little more than you might regard “Dear Fred” or some other similar greeting in a letter you might write (or might have written back in the day when people wrote and sent hand-written letters).  The greeting to Titus is theologically rich, packed with life changing truth.  It deals with the truthful and eternal character of God, election, and the necessity of preaching.


If you can, commit it to memory, and may God bless you richly as you ponder something as seemingly trivial as a greeting to a letter that was penned 2,000 years ago.