Summer Small Groups

This blog post is more of an announcement, albeit it’s an announcement combined with an encouragement.


Let’s start with the encouragement.  I’d like to encourage people in our church family to double down and make a concerted effort this summer to spend time in prayer on a weekly basis with other members of our church family.  We desperately need to pray together, to watch over one another. If you’re not regularly praying with others in your church family, then you’re most likely missing out on the greatest joys of being part of a church family.  True dat!  So, let me please encourage each of you to find creative ways to engage one another in prayer.


Second, the announcement. In our efforts to pray with others in our church family, Noel and I would like to host a summer small group at our house on Wednesday nights beginning next Wednesday night.  We’d like to meet to briefly study the Scriptures and to pray.  This will be for the summer months of June – August.  This coming fall, our Wednesday night AWANA ministry will start up again, and who knows how that will affect us. But for the summer, we’d love to have about 8 people meet for Jesus’s sake as we look at the Word, pray together, have some time of fellowship (usually including food and the fire pit), and learn to love each other a little bit better.


If you’re interested in joining us, please let me know.  Again, Wednesdays over the summer starting next Wednesday night, May 22, at 7PM.  Hopefully, other small groups will pop up as well.