The Fredericks Are Coming! The Fredericks Are Coming!

Ok, ok! That doesn’t have the same ring as when Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride and alerted the people of Lexington, Massachusetts to the imminent arrival of their sworn enemies, the Brits. I admit.  But it’s still an urgent call to those of us who might be impacted by the arrival of those who will, Lord willing, become sworn friends of NRBC.


I’m speaking, of course, to our entire church family, and I’m speaking of the Frederick family, Mark and Jenn and Sam and Joe. And Kristy Dunn too (you will get to know her if you haven’t yet).  At this point, the only urgency I’m foisting upon you is the need to pray urgently, to ask that God would give our church family an understanding OF and a burden FOR children with special needs.  


What are we going to do? The past two Sunday mornings, I’ve asked you to pray about this. Have you been praying? Nobody has asked me to write this.  This is me thinking out loud as a pastor, a brother, and an uncle.  I do know that some among us will have to step up to the plate that haven’t yet. I’m quite sure of that.  These young guys with these special needs are going to bring God-given gifts and burdens out of the woodwork of our congregation that have heretofore gone unnoticed or unacknowledged.  We already have some in our church family who are classified as “special needs” children, and there are families all around in our community in the same boat.  You may not even be aware of that. It’s true, though. A church that served families like that would be more than a breath of fresh air to them. 


I am praying about this, and I hope you are too.  Several months ago, a young mother attended our church and asked me what our church does to minister to families with special needs kids.  At that point, I didn’t know how to answer her except to say, “Not much.”  At this point, I still don’t know how to answer that question except to say, “We’re thinking through that right now.”  My prayer is that it becomes clear over the next several weeks, months and years.  Hopefully, at the least, this will give us all a heart for those among us who can tend to be ignored, left behind, and even forgotten. Both parents and children.  And hopefully, we’ll all be able to answer the question a little more clearly as a body, a family, a church.  


So, the Fredericks ARE coming! This week. Friday night.  We’ll all need to figure this out together, and at this point, I simply ask that you’d continue to pray that God would give us great wisdom and understanding on what we can best do when our friends arrive.