Willing Before Knowing

John 7:17 (ESV) – If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority. 


One of the reasons we have a brief time of meditation before each Sunday morning worship service is because we desperately need that quiet time to think and pray. This is not primarily because we’re distracted by the upcoming Bronco/Rockies/Nuggets/Avs game, last night’s college football game, or the roast slowly cooking in the oven (assuming it’s the Fall season – who eats roast in the summer???).


That’s not to say that those things aren’t often distracting. For some odd reason, many people’s eternal joy seems to hinge on whether or not their team wins.  I faintly remember that being the case for me, maybe like a couple of years ago or so. But that’s such a distant memory now I hardly feel culpable.  Ahem…


Anyway, we all face distractions out there. No doubt.  But external distractions aren’t our biggest problem.  Jesus said, in the passage above, that the biggest problem we all face is in here, in the crevices that reach down into the deepest part of us, the Marianas Trench of our hearts.  Our biggest problem is that we don’t want to do what God wants us to do.


When that’s the case, you miss things; big, important things.  There are some life changing truths you will never know; beautiful, radical, glorious truths.  God’s perspective on something, or maybe even the loveliness of Jesus Himself. For some reason, God has linked your willingness to do whatever he wants you to do with your ability to perceive, to understand what is being taught.  You must first want to do before you can know what to do.  


So, we pause and pray. O Lord, help me to submit my will to Yours and change my actions in whatever way I am convicted through worshipping You this morning. Amen.  Something to that affect.  We try to mix it up a little each week, but that’s what was in last week’s Order of Service.  


God is so kind to us to tell us what he thinks, but he reserves the right to be treated as God before he makes it clear to us.  Since he IS God, we should be willing to do whatever he might want us to do, love Him with all of our heart, love your neighbor, or be a missionary to Africa. My encouragement is that you take these few Sunday morning moments and these brief words very, very seriously.  If you don’t, you may miss out on something very, very important.  Something that, in some way, might change your life for the better by providing a joy that a victory by your favorite team (or a bite of the most succulent roast!) could never rival.