What is Man?

What is man, and who are they who roll their eyes as if to say

There is no God in heav’n above Who freely offers endless love?

Mocking God’s majestic name their end will be the lot of shame,

For even babes with tongues unfurled will silence yet their lips so curled.


What is man, and who are you to put Him off as now you do,

This wondrous God of untold might Whose story full would end your sight?

Resisting Him and those He knows, you’ll find His record clearly shows

When chimes ring off on judgment day and see you stand with naught to say.


What is man, and who are we who claim to know His grace so free,

But live our lives without a thought that by His death we’ve all been bought?

‘Tis sad, for sure, that we are lost to wander, paying such a cost

In thinking I deserve the fame that only goes to His great name.


What is man, and who am I that He would send His Son to die

And take my place in debtor’s pris’n three days? Then to know He’s ris’n

To the throne on God’s right hand to calmly wait the moment grand

When everything, as will be meet, is firmly placed beneath his feet?