On to 500!

Psalm 89:1 (ESV) – I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord, forever; with my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations. 


Just a simple reminder this Thursday afternoon that a healthy, burgeoning Christian community is a multi-generational community.  A church family that is comprised of many generations talking and singing about the steadfast love of the Lord is a healthy one.


Notice, the most important thing is God.  It is his love that is the theme of our song.  It’s something to sing about and make known.  God is always the most important part of any relationship, of any conversation, and of any institution.  Whether it be church, home, or state, we exist to glorify God because he first has a steadfast love for us.


But there’s also talking and listening between the generations.  The Psalmist is talking about talking about the steadfast love of God, and he expects coming generations to listen to what his mouth has to say.  A primary and supreme love for God is shown when there is a secondary love for others.  This community both sings and talks about God’s love because others need to hear it.


While our culture tries to elevate the primacy of youth and nominalize wisdom and it’s attending realities of ageing and dying, a healthy community maximizes the reality of God’s love for both.  Nothing better prepares the young for their future than listening to the joyful song of an older person’s love for Christ and how he has been faithful through the years. And the older person enjoys nothing more than hearing the mouths of the young profess their love for that same faithful Savior.


Young people need to hear the mouths of old people sing their songs, and old people need to hear the mouths of young people sing their songs.  And when successive generations keep on doing these same things, as the young grow old and other young replace those who’ve grown old, then you have a healthy community. And when they do it for 15 generations, then you end up with a 500-year church.