Praying for the New Birth

One of the benefits of sound, Biblical theology is that it encourages your prayer life.  This includes praying for people to come to know Christ.


Jesus said to Nicodemus, “You must be born again.”  The word “again” simply means “from above.”  “You must be born from above,” is what Nicodemus heard Jesus say.  


This means, as I’ve already said in previous posts, that it’s something only God can do.  It’s “from above.”  It’s not from below. It’s not of this world.  It’s not from man.  It’s from above.


This is why we should pray for people to be born again.  God alone can do it. It must take place from above.  He must be the one to reach down and grant new life to the dead, blind, and ignorant soul.  We must be born from above.


I realize that this doesn’t solve all the enigmas surrounding prayer and how praying to a sovereign God who’s decreed all that shall ever come to pass makes a difference if it’s already decreed to happen or not.  Understanding how all this works is well beyond my pay grade.  But this little word, “from above,” tells me enough to know that I can pray for God to do this work because it’s a work that only he can do.


Do you know and love people who need to be born from above?  I do. And we can begin by praying to God for them because it is a work that only God can do in them.  He must do it. It must take place from above.


My prayer for you is that this simple truth lights a fire in your heart to pray for those in your life that need God to do this work in them, who need to be born from above.