Dude's Guide to Manhood: Chapter 5- Becoming a Content Man


How are you all doing with keeping up with your reading? I hope the book has been helpful for you as you seek to be the MAN of God that he calls you to be! I know it has encouraged and challenged me in several ways and I can say that as I have applied the different things, that I have been challenged with, to my daily life that it has helped me to grow in Christlikness, though there is more growth that still needs to take place. I hope you are having a similar experience in your life.

Paul tells us in Philippians 4:11, “Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” Paul had been through some pretty amazing highs and some unimaginable lows in his life. He was privy to thousands placing their trust on the Lord and was instrumental in people’s lives as they grew in their faith. He was also violently crushed with stones, bitten by a deadly snake, beaten, starved, and repeatedly thrown in dank prisons. Through these Everest and Death Valley experiences the Lord worked in him and he could say that he had joy and was content no matter the place where God had him at the moment.

This chapter touched on many “assassins of contentment” that keep our focus in other places than where it should be….GOD! Some of these potentially lethal assassins are REGRET, VISION (not how well we physically see, but what our vision for the future is), FEAR, and OVEREXPOSURE (I believe that this one may be one of the most dangerous on the list! Read the chapter to see what this is about…).   

Here is a quote from page 63 to get you thinking…

“Contentment isn’t automatic or inevitable. It won’t simply happen when our circumstances change or if we reach our goals. Contentment must become part of our character and woven throughout the fabric of our lives.”

My side note challenge to you…

As you go out to your assigned ministry house next Saturday, I want to encourage you to not only look at the widow that you are ministering to as an opportunity to encourage, but also to look to your left and your right. I challenge you to REALLY get to know the dudes that you are working with and REALLY allow them to get to know you. Ask yourself, “am I willing to share my struggles with this guy?” If your answer is “no”, I would bet that they would give the same answer about you.


Shoulder to shoulder with you,