At NRBC, we're serious about prayer. In order to help each of us pray more dilligently and fervently, Pastor Mike has developed the following resource to help our individual and corporate prayer lives. Please download and print it. And then use it.


We believe that God has given us His very loving and clear perspective on Marriage, Sexuality, and how God both expects and helps us flesh out His image in us through our respective, God-assigned genders.

Why do we take the time during our Sunday morning worship services to acknowledge some of the historic Creeds and Confessions of the Christian church?

Paul encouraged Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2 to engage in teaching ministry

The terms “headship” and “abuse” both mean different things to different people in different cultures. Each family is unique because people are individually unique. Thus, as a church family we must do the hard work of asking questions,.... Read more