Mike DeVries,  Senior Pastor

Mike DeVries, Senior Pastor


Mike DeVries is a native of Colorado. Born in Denver in 1965, he grew up here in Northern Colorado on the Front Range and graduated from high school in Longmont in 1983. He received his undergraduate training with a major in Bible and a minor in Greek in 1987 and then his Masters of Arts in Bible in 1989. He has finished the coursework for the Doctorate of Sacred Ministries as well as the Doctorate of Religious Studies degrees from two different schools, but given his antipathy for writing, he'll never finish them.

Mike and his wife Noel have four beautiful children and two grandchildren.


Shaun Coats,  Lay Elder

Shaun Coats, Lay Elder

Shaun was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1966, but was raised in Grand Junction, Colorado. He resided there until 1978, when his family moved to New Mexico first, then California a few years later. In 1988, Shaun returned to western Colorado where he met his wife, Brenda. They've been married for twenty five years, have three grown children (Ashlee, Jessica, and Andrew), and three grandsons (Jack, Auggie Fynn, and Todd).

Shaun is a gifted Bible teacher, one-on-one counselor, and prayer warrior. After many months of preparation, he was ordained in March of 2014, and soon after became a lay elder for Northern Ridge where he enjoys leading a small group, organizing a Sunday morning prayer group, and an occasional opportunity to preach.


Jared Kidder,  Youth Director

Jared Kidder, Youth Director


Jared Kidder, our youth director, was born and raised in Colorado. After being born in Denver in 1983, he grew up in Westminster where he graduated from high school. Jared received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Youth Ministry in 2008. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies he came to Northern Ridge to train under Pastor Mike.

Jared and his wife, Maria, have three sons and a daughter.